K-On! The Movie

Editor’s Note: This review contains heavy satire.

WHAT?! After 2 seasons and crazed fandom, you realized how much damaged you had caused the Anime industry?

But seriously, I am not as hateful as DJ Meganekon about this show. I actually thank the show for existing in the first place. If it weren’t for them, Nichibros wouldn’t have any material. Or perhaps the reason of existence. Despite that a lot of studios producing a lot of copy-cats and entered a turbulent era of insufferably cute girls doing cute things. It’s better to bury the hatchet and move on. Plus, this film isn’t so bad at all.

Europe and London

Maybe perhaps the show has an end-goal, that’s why I find it decent. I know that film is targeting something and unlike its TV cousin that’s just there for cute and giggles. The film also serves as a slingshot to the author’s K-On sequel, which is already facing the cancellation, that I would be guessing a relief for his part that he can do other stuff. Despite that the film has a definite goal, I can’t help but look at the timer and say to myself: “Gee, when will this going to end?”

The Show is almost 2 hours long and there’s a lot of fluffy stuff – not that surprising – that I don’t care about. KyoAni being themselves did a wonderful art showcase of how much accurate and obsessive they are when it comes to detail. The heart of the show, at least for me, is when the girls manage to survive in London and pretty much got themselves a mild adventure of sorts. If you’re like me who wanted to watch the meat of the matter, should just skip the film at around 30min and enjoy the show. Actually, I am amused more not because they’re K-On in London, but more how would a typical Japanese tourist get lost in translation in London. Surely, I have more laughs at Mr Bean’s Holiday adventure in France, but I then again, I’m easily amused when you throw weird stuff and see how shit goes.

No Male Lasted a min of Air Time. But hey, at least they manage to have a decent song

Shocking for any new fan that isn’t into moe and managed to get hold to K-On, is realizing that there isn’t really musical about a bunch of insufferably cute girls in a music club. I was too, but when they finally manage to have a song, it dawned me that, these are the embodiment of what made Justin Bieber the best musician has become. The scene in the film where they thought of translating one of their song in English is like saying to have a concert about public service announcement jingles. Like that rice song that really isn’t anything more about rice being a main staple of food in Japan. How can you be this uninspired for a song. But then again, we are talking about girls being insufferably cute to each other. So what’s more can you say?

But at least, humanity has not declined yet, at least in this film. I manage to like 2 songs in the show. Mainly the purpose of the film, which is Azu-nyaa~’s farewell song and that other song that sang in the class. For a moment, I finally get to see a more creative side of the K-On gang, even at least for the last time. I hear a lot of their song being good but never really see much of it in the previous anime. I just don’t get why people sell their soul to this franchise. But these two songs are quite touchy, but not in sense that I would fall in to tears. They are improving.

So why would you watch this film?

Isn’t that obvious? You had your room filled with everything K-On related. You had your pilgrimage planned out. You celebrate each of the gang’s birthday by having to replace your monitor. You purchased musical equipment even if you will never learn how to play it. Plus you are a fat virgin and have no hope for love. You will definitely watch this film. A hundred times over. If there was an Anime award and the only way to win is by voting, but to vote you need to buy an overpriced copy of the first two season box set, the show would had won all of the awards. For an average Joe, or some horny lolicon and wants to masturbate on to something, you should definitely watch this. If you want to piss our dear DJ meganekon, then you should definitely watch this as well.

Film Rating: 3/5

  • matty

    Don’t they only spend about 30 minutes in London in the entire film?

    • Solidad

      Yeah. Pretty disappointing.

      • Jay

        Aside from that, The English of London.

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