In one of my escapades in the manga world. Historie is one of those moments that Manga can tell history than just the tumultuous Sengoku Era and be good at it.

Historie which the author shouldn’t be trying to hard on English, foretells that adventures of Eumenes. A Scynthian raised as Greek in a town called Caridia. He was the secretary under King Philip II of Macedonia and later worked for Alexander, the son of King Philip II. It started his beginnings with him being a noble member, then later sold as a slave, then went back to being a noble with his skill and knowledge. He’s the ancient equivalent of a geek, to be honest.

The manga itself is beautifully done. I can feel that I am living the timeline of Eumenes. The author really knows how its important to details that makes the world believable. The cultures, the practices and the warfare is thought out wonderfully. You would almost believe that the author is actually telling the true life of Eumenes. But in truth, most of the accounts are still debatable and some of its stories are fiction. But it doesn’t detach itself to the known accounts of our main character. Making it exciting despite the some of its moments are usually that bores you in your history class.

Another thing, it is some what reminded me of Assassins Creed. That it is one of those interesting timelines, with people like Aristotle and significant figures are living and actually participating in the story. I would guess, that the author carefully studied them to make them fit in the story, making it seemless and natural to the flow. It very dangerous to have this as a basis in your history, since fiction is interwoven in the real history we knew.

In the awkward side. The author’s artwork is something to be amused and cringed. For one, the artwork is splendid. It is as if, his arts are “culture-neutral” in that it can blend itself to any situation it wants. The Greeks here really look like greeks. Macedonians looks like what they are and so forth. He studied well on understanding the facial features and culture of each race even to the correct fashion. Which is to my surprise, quite amusing to like. But it has been bugging me that there are moments that the eyes look hollow, or somewhat depict this empty stare that is not fitting in the context. It’s evident in its previous work Parasyte (which I am surprise that I didn’t have a picture to use in the review), it shifts from a timid look into this menace and intimidating but cold shock, that momentarily breaks the character’s persona. It’s not a major issue for me and I come to accept it eventually.

Overall, sadly, this series is ongoing and reading the history of Eumenes, we barely scratch the surface of it.   I recommend this to anyone and it might bring you interested history itself. Although interestingly enough, I don’t think this will be marketable as an anime. However if Hyouge Mono was able to have one; then a slim hope of this is present.

Rating: 5/5

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