Bokurano: Ours (Manga)

If kids mecha bring tears of joy; then this will bring you bag of tears. Bokurano takes the concept of the kids mecha genre to the darkest possible way. It is a marching band of guilt, frustrations and a lot of sadness as we witness the somber tale of 15 kids being sent to their deaths.

Bokurano talks about the tale of 15 kids chosen to save the world against the so-called invading forces from destroying the earth. But it wasn’t your cheery stuff in kids show, where kids fight off evil every week. The catch here is that each battle will cost the life of the pilot, 15 of them will have their turn to control the mech and everyone of them will die after. Riding in the fear and the sudden realization that you are at death’s door. They each confront their fears and conflicts as soon as possible, finding the resolve until the time comes. Each battle has no victor and everybody suffers.

I’m starting to like the seinen genre. It has brought me wonderful works like My lovely Ghost Kana, Hoozuki Island, Parasyte and Historie. Each has their tale to share. Unrestricted. This series sort of resembles a deconstruction to the kid mecha genre. Throwing reality, the fantasies of kids being the key point in saving the world, with world issues to mind and take. It shows each characters has to battle their own set of tragedies and problems aside from the fact that a larger plot is at stake. Not to mention, their problems are not your typical kids problems we see in the normal shows. These range from parental neglect, rape, bullying, worthlessness. It also has the elements of Sex, prostitution and murder. These aren’t cherry boys and girls. These kids are not shielded by the rules of society as explicitly says in the manga later on. There would be no possibility that at least you won’t feel sad seeing their stories as they march to their death. Making a difference to the world for the last chance they have. With each battle being the prelude to their requiem.

Another interesting thing about this series, is that it puts a lot to mind the affects of the battles. It doesn’t just focus on the fights, but it also has its focus on the effects of the battle in the side of civilians and the political effects of it locally and internationally. I find that it goes to pay everything to make a logical sense, leaving little to complain on plot holes, if there are.

The manga itself is formatted to tackle the life of the pilot toward its death. This work is finished and was animated by Gonzo, with a interesting surprise, that the director of the anime dislike the bleak and gloomy out-take of the kids life. I have to reserve my judgment if the altercations in the anime will change the feeling I had in this series. I do feel that it will be subpar in the manga but my prejudice will have to be confirmed. In aesthetics, the artwork is something I felt off. Not in the part that it is bad. I felt that the character design reminded me how I chose Pokemon over Digimon during my early years in Anime. I can’t find to like skinny character with big heads.

Overall. It’s an interesting journey to the human psychology and how it affects people regardless of age. I would recommend it to anyone interested to witness tragedies and feel that the world is not a perfect place we hope and expect.

Series Rating: 5/5

  • KaZuHiRo

    Bokurano was the first manga I’ve ever read, I was literally in knots after the manga. After tearing up over the manga, I decided to watch the anime. I was doubly in tears after that and Bokurano remained my number one anime. This has happened four years ago -- and I still remember the names and quirks of all fifteen kids.

    • Solidad

      I can’t remember the names of the characters. But I do remember their stories. I agree that it’s one of the best works I had seen and the tragic tales of the kids will forever burn in my memory. Although a long-shot, I do hope that we get a remake of the Anime following the manga. With the success of Madoka, I think a deconstruction show like this one would sell well. 

      Or maybe not, since it doesn’t have enough moe in it XD.

      BTW, thanks for promoting the site in the AniBlog Tourney.

      • KaZuHiRo

         Before beginning the anime, I knew of the news that the director hated the original material. I tend to approach the anime series as a “separate piece of work” -- and the only resemblance is the setting and the name of the characters. I guess I kind of liked the “happy ending” that the anime brought us instead of the grim and bleak message of the manga. Maybe, that’s just my preference.

        Well, best of luck in the anime tourney. However, if ever you advance and gets faced with either Baka Raptor or Star Crossed, I’ll be more than likely to vote against the blog. I think the inclusion of this blog on the tourney has its own merits. You’ve just gained a new follower. Ganabatte!

        • Solidad

          I kinda like the different take on the anime as well with the same reason as you said. 

          Nah, I don’t condone you if your prefer them. They’re the GOD of AniBlogging and opposing them is blasphemy.

          But do vote of $camp since he is awesome XD

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