Let’s Lagoon (Manga)

Finding Manga that has male teenagers outside the Shounen sphere isn’t as easy I would think. Adding to the equation is that I am looking for these criteria in the Thriller/Horror genre, where we basically have a fucked up setting and characters subjected into their own or some sort of hell for the sake of amusement and entertainment.

Along those line, I manage to find this Manga that fit the thriller aspect, by delivering and interesting premise and provide the needed element for me to carry my interest.

A Sci-fi Tropical Harem

Let’s Lagoon is a Sci-Fi Tropical Harem where our main hero gets trapped in a mysterious island with a bunch of girls who happen to get dragged into the same mess. The main hero’s quest to find the answer to the mystery of the island, as the same time put up in a difficult position of handling women in such a volatile environment and loop-sided odds of controlling himself of not having sex with each of them. I would assume the latter given that the series is mature in nature, but so far in the story little has been deemed “mature” in essence, perhaps with one of the students being pregnant with one of the teachers. The chunk of the story revolves in uncovering the mysteries of the island, why it is not visible to everyone and it has connection to time-travel. As well as getting everyone out of the island is another story.


The characters in Let’s Lagoon are composed of your potato harem lead, but at tad bit more reliable than your average Joe. A bunch of stereo typical women leading with a genki girl, its calm sister, the overly obsessive childhood friend. We could add the imouto in the mix, but she wasn’t on the island as of reading, but my gut feeling tells me that she will be involved in this mess in one way or another. Despite that the characters came from your harem template, it fortunate enough to be aware of itself and restrain to being sensible and logical. I can safely say that our poor main character will not be escaping the island by blasting off with a help of a good ol punch by women reacting to an unintentional nudity exposure.


The pacing of the story is alright, I guess. I was under the impression that this will go about surviving in the island, but when the main character returned, the elements of time travel and parallel dimensions are introduces, ala Steins;Gate. I don’t have much to complain in the pacing of the series now.


To sum things up. Let’s Lagoon has a fairly interesting story but it decided to revolve itself into a Harem along the lines. While the story is great, the more I dig deep into the story, the more prevalent it is that it wants to play the harem route in the long run. I would wish the could focus on the story.

Manga Rating: 4/5

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