History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi: The Girl Who Arrived From China (OVA 2)

Shit gets serious if you see this.

We got ourselves another dose of Kenichi. That anime in the mid 2000s that people eventually forgot by now. It was  pointless fun and has a very colourful cast of characters. It is sad that we never see anything after that and it seems that there is not a rising interest to animate it again. Well at least in a series form. This OVA is an adaptation in the beginning arcs of the YOMI saga a couple of chapters after the Ragnarok saga. This is one of those “serious” arc in the Kenichi franchise that is mildly comedic and more on the side of preachy and morally redundant. In short a very “shounen” episode.

While I praise the OVA for having a good pacing, which I remember this arc is somewhat long in the manga. It manage to put the essentials to make it work under one episode. They did leave out the China girl’s story but her telling her life story in 1 min is enough to give an iota of sympathy and the cliché perception that China is a poor country and they are willing to do anything to earn a buck or two. Not entirely false. But see who is the rising superpower now.

As for the animation. It was a bit of a downer compared to the first OVA. There were a lot of stills and little action among them. This servers more of a treat and much less of a sequel to a Franchise. Despite that, it still have the quirks that makes this series unqiue. But not in the parts that I really like about it.

Overall. This episode is more of a treat to the fans of the franchise. I haven’t caught up with the manga as of yet. I am quite bored in what they are doing with the YOMI arc. I bet if I read the current chapter, it will still be about YOMI. Nevertheless, the charms it has never fades to me. This OVA didn’t have that wow factor I had in the first OVA. I wouldn’t mind having AN ACTUAL SECOND SEASON.

OVA Rating: 3/5

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