I don’t know if I’m supposed to laugh or be frighten by this. It was supposed to be a Horror work about the mysterious phenomena that placed the human race in a global pandemic. But everything that happen screams of nothing but stupidity and bizarre choices, making it one of those “its so bad its good quality”.

We can’t also forget the mandatory “girl being tentacled” do we?

When Jaws want to Cash into the Zombie Business

Despite everything I find, weird, in this short ova, I like the premise of the story. There is a massive migration of fishes that went up from the coast to the mainland, bringing a new form of life, as well the stench of death along with it. This brought the entire Japan surprised and mass panic ensues. But unlike your typical zombie apocalypse. Casualty is much on a smaller scale, and most of the injuries and death are caused by accidents are by the fishes attacking or colliding with vehicles. Infections do happen. But there is little known on how and some people who got in contact (i.e: scratches and wounds) got the symptoms or came about unaffected. My speculation is more that if the human host is healthy enough, or the wounds disinfect itself, thing can be controlled. But neither the manga nor the series bother on explaining it.

In short, the world is an interesting place. In terms of apocalypse scenario. I never seen a way to end the world is by putting the aquatic life invading our territory. What’s more, it is not as deadly as all other apocalypse, but it has potential to be if things were carelessly put. I like that humanity in this world has a fighting chance compared to other which spells an utterless, pointless battle of survival. You still need to survive, but I like when I know there’s a chance.


I don’t know why the creators decided to swap the characters. Perhaps it to cash in a more popular trend in making females characters to appeal to a more mainstream audience. Yet, both manga and Anime form do have some distinctions with each other.

Despite the change in main character. All of the important events in the Manga are adapted here. Just that you swap our main character with his boyfriend. What’s interesting, is that our female lead is more of your calm heroine but capable loving individual compared in the manga. Which is a whiny bitch of never spared a moment but complain and poke insults at his boyfriend who cares for her, in what most people would rather throw her and find a new girlfriend.


This is where the biggest problem lies. I can’t tell if the ova is being serious or is this some dark humour in the work. It tackles the dark conscious of the human mind and it puts them in an ugly spotlight for us to see. The way the story is told, is a bit strange, like it shows the horror as if things are happening in your everyday life. What’s interesting, the decisions that happened during the outbreak, seems out of the realms of common sense. How can the Japanese government still allow planes to Tokyo? Where most of the creatures seems centre into. Then how can the main character be dismissive on seeing something strange and let it just go by? Would you rather report this to the authorities, media perhaps? The behaviour doesn’t add up to me.

In the acting department. I can’t help but laugh at how, detached, things are. It’s hard to pinpoint what exactly is the problem. But it’s like the seiyuus are having a hard time internalizing each scene. I imagine one of the reading the a line and notice that in the monitor they were supposed be scared. I can’t really see myself scared every time the main character screams. It lacks emotion to me. I rather laugh at how things seems to end up.


My god. If you are going have sex, at least take off your clothes!

In the visual department. The character design are depicted with reality in mind. It does have problems with blending CGI and 2D but I find it understandable because of budget constraints and the fact that we are not making a feature film. Music is ok, but I am not really excited about it.

Overall. There seems to be a big Irony in this. It somewhat remind me of Franken Fran in part of making something serious laughable. But I don’t think this was intended to be a humours commentary. Anyway, I enjoyed the show but I won’t be missing it.

OVA Rating: 3/5

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