Through the years, Deremoe has partnered with fellow bloggers and organizations. In this section, you will see our list of partners and their descriptions.


  • AnimePH Project is notable for sending Cosplay photos on Facebook, which just started as a hobby years ago. Aside from various event coverage that this one-man team does, they also gather news from either Anime News Network or MyAnimeList.
  • Otakista is “The Philippines’ Cosplay News Authority,” and they did interesting stuff before, like having US-based Cosplayer Jerry Polence’s tutorial on Cosplay poses. Nowadays, they’re doing posts on gaming gear (but we still wish that he come to his senses and get back into writing stuff that he’s notable for).
  • The Cosplay Café has their staff member with the title of “Spokes-model” or “Genki girl,” but really, this is the place where you can fill yourself with the good side of the Cosplay community.
  • Metanorn is a blog that started in 2008, and it’s another alternative to Random Curiosity. They are the winner of the 2012 Aniblog Tourney, and that is one leaf up on their laurel.
  • Draggle’s Anime Blog is something Al frequently reads. He also mentions that this website is “pretty tsun, and I have it on good authority they aren’t cute at all.”
  • Yuri Nation – “Where Yuri and Girls Club Shows Reign Supreme”: Aruba’s Omar Gomez talks about Yuri. Previously, he mentioned console games.
  • Otaku Journalist Lauren Orsini is also a reviewer for Anime News Network, writer for ReadWrite, and previously a writer for The Daily Dot. She has a lot of time writing stuff, she even did a book on geek writing and Cosplay.
  • Ahotaku39 is the codename of one of the Managing Editors for The Indonesian Anime Times, but we first found him on his blog talking about last year’s Miku Expo Indonesia. He’s one of the reasons why Jay is interested in the Anime fan culture of Indonesia.
  • Beyond Eternal has been up for 11 years, and *whispers while looking at the site* oh look at those pixel images.
  • The Reimaru Files is what we might look like if we ventured into the gaming side of things, whether if it’s console or online RPGs.


  • We are partners with Anime Alliance Philippines, one of the metro’s top events organizing entities that holds the license to hold World Cosplay Summit events in the country under the WCSPH Committee.
  • We are also partners with Naruto Cosplayers Philippines (NCPH), which has been holding Cosplay events either by themselves or through tie-ups with other organizations.
  • Anime Corner Group Pilipinas is among the top Facebook Anime fan organizations in the country, spanning more than three different groups catered to Cosplay, the Artisans, and even Ecchi titles.
  • Primetrade Asia, Inc. gave us the opportunity to cover the Best of Anime event series, and we’ve covered things about their events, like their Summer Live and the ever-loved “No Ticket, No Entry Policy” post.
  • We think Anime Trending is Southeast Asia’s place when it comes to Anime rankings, and we are also partners with them.

If you would like to be part of our blogroll and partners, send us your links at [email protected]

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