About the Website

Deremoe Homepage as of January 20, 2014

Deremoe is a blog made and written by Filipinos that aims to be a destination for discussion of opinions and commentary for the Otaku community in the Philippines.

We first started as a blog reviewing Japanese visual media (Anime and Manga), and then we moved on to cover the Philippine Cosplay and Wattpad communities. We also cover events relating to these subcultures.

Established in 16 April 2010, the project started with eight staff members and is first hosted on WordPress.com.

pronouncation: de-re-mo-e(h).

What’s with the name? The name was derived from a weak and rough translation pun of “youthful sweetness.”

This project was inspired by local websites such as BlogWatch and Philippine Online Chronicles; and anime blogs such as Project Haruhi, Random Curiosity, and the now-defunct Megane Pirates. With the usage of the communication tool, Twitter, the group was formed and conceptualized.

What makes us different? We have our own individual voices that we use to share our sentiments in different issues around the subcultures we are observing.

Things that we do

The Roundtable Otakus Podcast: “We don’t just share the news, we talk about it.” –  Deremoe’s flagship podcast that talks about anything and everything related to the Philippine Otaku community.

The Events Chart: For the events goers. Look up an event and share it with your friends. You can even share the best moments you’ve had while you’re there. We’re making this possible so that you can have more choices in choosing your events, whether if it’t near your neck of the woods or far from where you could imagine an event will be.

Tidbits: A sporadic column that talks about the news you ought to know around the local community.

The Team


Al Barcenas (Mr. A)

  • Technical Head
  • Manga Writer
  • Head, Shota Section
  • Plain developer who loves PHP.



Jay Agonoy

  • Editor
  • The Frontman
  • One of the pioneer members
  • Head, Moé Section



Paul Eugenio

  • Writer
  • Head, RTH Section
  • Fiction writer



Alex Esmeralda

  • Writer
  • Starving Artist
  • Resident Fujoshi