January 4, 2013

Site Migration Notice (Complete)


UPDATE: The site has been migrated without any problems … yet. If you experience any problems with the site, or had any down times, please leave me a mention on twitter @solidad.

A quick not to the readers of this site. I will be moving the site to another server. I just purchased a VPS which will host numerous service from your truly within 2013, so I need something that I can control freely. Buying a VPS is not cheap. So to cut costs, which I put into my own expense. I am not renewing my shared hosting with my current provider (They serve me well these past 3 years, I think), which will expire this month.

For this, I will proceed with the migration of the site between January 13 – 19. As such, the site may experience problems due to the action I am doing at the time. I am writing this as a proactive apology for the inconvenience that may arise on this. Jay and I will mostly handle the operations of the site. Keep tuned on what’s to come.

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