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January 7, 2013

Hunter X Hunter 61: Greed Art Online

vlcsnap-2013-01-06-23h21m27s107It is nice that Hunter X Hunter will be taking the slack of SOA when it comes to game-related plot art of sort. But let me take a moment to talk about this, in this post. While Spider Troupe arc does have the best moments in the series, granted it delivered a more gloomy and dark tale of revenge and greed, which does fit Kurapica in terms of his persona and background. Why wouldn’t? it’s his story to begin with. Greed Island is Gon’s moment, which the series turned from grim-dark to cheery and adventurous, which fits Gon’s character. Having read the manga and knowing Gin more from his talk with Gon (Spoiler: They will meet each other eventually), I see Green Island in a much more meaningful sense. Eventually, the series will explain why it is, so I’ll let them do the exposition themselves. Which bring me to what the chuck of this arc is about: It’s a lot of exposition.

Mechanics Plus World Building


16.5 is the nerdy version of 50 Shades of Kirito/Asuna

I did not read the infamous SOA light novel and I wouldn’t really be looking for it, even that infamous 16.5, which a lot of its patron see as the nerdy version of 50 shades of Kirito/Asuna. But then again, SOA is meaningful because it delivered a breathing world which the players live in, as if it is the world they are born with. Hunter X Hunter’s approach in Greed Island is different. It’s more in getting the viewer understand the world around them. SOA is more concentrated on the drama and how bad-ass Kirito while he points his sword in his harem falling down at him. Much of SAO’s mechanics are hidden to the viewers, which makes some of the moments in the series less impact. While the air of despair carried most of the disbelief in SAO, we never much understood what’s the point of it all. Simply saying that the creator created it and forgot why, doesn’t sit well to probably intellectuals in the Anime scene. Really, he made the game for the lulz!?

Away from SAO, Hunter X Hunter is different. Much of the start of Greed Island is about getting you familiar to the world that Gin took part in creating. We also need to take consider that this arc is created roughly, 12 years ago (?). Reason why it is center around card games, to which at the time, inspired by that cute yellow monster and his trainer that rhymes with Ketchup (In English). As well as thousands of collect-a-ton games in Playstation and Playstation 2 at the time. Much of the focus will deal with how the cards work and the battles will go around dealing with cards in the game. So they have to drill to the viewers much of the mechanics as possible, since much what will happen will have a context of it in some way or another in the story. The interesting part here, if you like Hunter X Hunter, is that unlike SAO that the story let’s you paint the world it set upon. Hunter X Hunter gets you to the world through the use of its mechanics and eventually makes the world breath through it. Both of these directions aren’t bad. SAO would had done it better, but then again, it did manage a decent job at it. Hunter X Hunter executed their approach better. It won’t really matter if you don’t like it. You wouldn’t be watching this series anyway if you did.

Test Of Friendship

vlcsnap-2013-01-07-00h04m04s85In relation to the actual episode, which I don’t have much to discuss about, since it is already talked about in the episode. The scene here stands out, because it such a sweet dialog Killua said and how he values Gon in his life.

Episode Rating: 5/5


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