First Impressions

January 12, 2013

First Impressions: Hakken-den: Eight Dogs of the East

hakkdenOk, there’s no need for explaining. Two cute shotas surrounded by a bishe brigade, sold! What can I say, I’m a sucker for this show. What’s amazing, it’s not terrible. Not very good, but not mediocre.

I first thought that this was another Otome game, so I checked the charts to make sure. Based on it, it’s some sort of re-imaging of some samurai novel, but it does have that K vibes with sacred beasts element and all. At least here, or as I had stated, it has two cute shotas and the main character is HOT! The opening scene with him swimming made me wish he was Pico in Boku no Pico. I could really do, eh, like him to be my friend. Yeah, friend. I should stop here before I say something … creepy.

Overall, not counting my shota tendencies aside, it’s pretty generic. It maybe the K for winter but without the hype machine breathing in their necks. It is made by studio deen so it fappable, er, has quality in it. I will keep this around and see if they can do something more about it. Not hopping an epic story here, but if it did, you got yourself a slot for the best of 2013.


First Impressions: 3/5

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