First Impressions

January 9, 2013

First Impressions: Cuticle Detective Inaba


We aren’t talking about Inaba from Kokoro Connect here. It would be good if it were. But then again, this anime isn’t really something that you should care about. Really, I’ve seen terrible comedy, and yet, this seem to have surpass my expectation of how people can screw it up.

Their Compulsion To Tell A Joke Every Second Ruins It

Honestly, I do have hopes in this series when I read the charts. It has a bishounen character with a cat ear-like hair and wears his belt on his neck. It also has good art and it does deliver the cuteness that I can tolerate. But my god. They can’t stop delivering jokes! Every freaking time, every scene, every opportunity, they go about telling this terrible jokes. It’s like every character have ADHD and always ends their sentence with one lame joke. There’s no build-up. It even hinders every fragment of story it has. The first episode made no sense because they always cut to jokes. Did the studio review this episode? What shame have you done to the creator.

Overall, it’s a terrible show. The cute art, the bishounen protagonist and the love of cats can not save this show.  Really, Nichijou would look like the best comedy-cute anime, thanks to this. While I was watching this on commute, I veer my tablet away from my seatmate because I am ashamed that she has to witness such atrocity. I felt I should cover myself as I exited the vehicle, with such utter regret of what I had done to her.



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