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January 11, 2013

First Impressions: Amnesia

vlcsnap-2013-01-10-23h24m50s163Based on my experience of watching Hiro no Kakera, my educated guess is that this is one of those Otome games that I was suppose to be interested in. Perhaps looking at the genre of girl dating sims is a fruitless endeavor, I am simply putting too much hope on something that is hopeless. Oh I wish I would had been the girl to have Amnesia.

This Genre Suck!

Wait. Before you bash me, please hear me out. I love bishounens. I am a bishounen. I want to see an anime and be paraded with cute shota with bishounens wearing a dog leash ready for my bidding. I like those nerdy ones, with eyeglasses and a bit tsundere to add. I would also have a cute shota that calls me onii-chan with puppy eyes glaring at me enthusiastically waiting for the opportune moment to do … stuff.

Otome games, which is basically dating sim of sorts catered to the female market isn’t putting much development over its existence. Although I have to disclose, I haven’t played these games before. But judging form the reactions and a few observations in the genre. There hasn’t been any innovation when it comes to delivering that “doki-doki” moment. Sure you can craft the same turd and go fine with it. Which it seems the enthusiast in the genre seem to be content with. I, for one am not please on how this other adaptation from the genre offer any iota of interest, albeit a sort of enthusiastic delivery. In the series, even the voice actors are bored doing this shit. Just listen how monotonous everyone is. The female lead even lead them for the worst voice delivery I had listened in an anime, with such soft-spoken voice. It’s like she was standing at the back of her fellow voice actors, since they have to make do with having all of the voices be done one session because that’s what the studio paid for.

Also, what the fuck with the characters? All of the relevant male characters wear ridiculous clothes, out-of-place and unrealistic.  They all looked like they’re some visual-kei band or something. The only thing missing is having them speak pseudo Latin and full of depressing thoughts with deep meaningless meaning, that will make female teenagers cut themselves.



My god. How long did he take to wear that coat? It’s like he cut a coat in half and took a dozen medium and large belts to hold it together. Really, did the creators make these costumes to make them look cool? From what I can tell, they don’t have anything special in them. The first episode is mainly about a confused woman trying to piece together the shit she is in, while being surrounded by boy band wannabes being insufferably nice to the main character, that doesn’t have any form of trait what so ever to make them fall in their feet. Maybe she also lost her personality on the way.

Overall, that does it. I am done with this genre. They suck. It’s nothing but garbage thrown out to make the female fans write doujins and put them in a compromised and questionable positions. There also a lack of shota, save for that floating kid jester with questionable gender. Even so, I can’t take this genre and this series. I would also guess there would be a second season. Kakera had one. It sucks. So why not this as well?



  • Jay

    Why he’s dressed as Dark Flame Master?

    • Solidad

      everybody is dressed as the DARK FURAME MASTER!

  • Anton (DJ meganekon)


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