First Impressions

January 11, 2013

First Impression: Tamako Market

vlcsnap-2013-01-11-00h09m13s171People seem be putting this as another K-On from KyoAni, but it’s not. Even if it did, they are not doing the same thing as last time. The first few minutes of the show did bring that air of cute girl doing cute things. The female lead also didn’t have a good initial impression, since she the ditsy kind. But then again, KyoAni evolve the genre and made it entertaining to watch and not because it’s cute.

Broaden Characters. Make Them Pop

The problem with K-On, or to put it in another way, what made K-On pop is the adorable characters being adorable. That’s it. On the other hand, one thing that is different from Tamako to K-On is that it has a very diverse set of characters other than to just a Ritsu, Yui and that other girl. It also have that air of putting a lot of small details in the way. KyoAni is evolving in delivering a story and still make that trademark of cuteness. The opening scene where Tamako goes around the market and introduce us to a bunch of the cast, is like in Hyouka during the culture festival, with a lot of detail making you go as if you are part of the event. It has that feeling of being part of Tamako’s world and I felt warmed up with the characters in it. I also like Tamako’s boyfriend. It’s nice for KyoAni for putting a shounen character on the way. But the main attraction is Mochi de gusting. He’s so full of himself that it’s appalling and entertaining. He reminded me of the main villain in Penguin drum.

Overall, while it may not be Hyouka 2.0. KyoAni deliveres a quality series. Seeing three works in succession made me a witness to the evolution that his studio has become. I’ll put this in my watch list, but I am not going to blog it.


First Impression: 4/5

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