First Impressions

January 12, 2013

First Impression: Kotoura-San

vlcsnap-2013-01-11-21h20m13s26I like the Idea here. Rather than having kittens slaughtered one by one each episode, why don’t we just murder them all in cold-blooded fashion and run it to the ground in the most bleak and grim way. Adding effect of a dark filter to up the ante and the best melodrama that will make Mari Okada’s emotional barf like air.

Amazingly it works.

Cram Every Tragedy In One Episode. You Will Fall For The Character


Well now, this is unexpected. Really, I never expected this anime to start of in such a depressing note. It’s like they placed the climax of Clannad and other Key stories in the first episode. Interestingly enough, perhaps having raised in a country in which drama is the oxygen that feeds the entertainment industry. With people wanting conflict in the most over-the-top manner. It did work well with me, to the point that I immediately got hooked on the main character, that you just wanna hug her and gives her cakes and flowers. I like the direction in this. It seems that they didn’t waste any moment at all. Every scene meant something, thought it did mostly amplify the emotional distress to the viewer with regards to our character. But then again, they made a come back and introduce this guy that will “light up her life” for her. It made me warm up to the male lead and to whatever love is brewing in between. It seems we have our first candidate for the love team of 2013.

Overall, the episode is amazing. It may appear cheesy to some, but it did get me. I never looked at the timer and enjoyed every second of it. My only gripe about this show, is that  they would had pick a better model for the male character.


First Impression: 5/5

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