First Impressions

July 9, 2012

First Impressions: Dog Days'

The most inoffensive anime of all time has arrived with a quote!

But really, this is one of those Anime that I really like. It’s stupid, fun and safe. It’s a mystery why TV networks like HERO didn’t pick this anime. Even MTRCB would put an “Anak TV Seal” for how playful it is. There’s no death. These cute little fur balls with just turn to a CUTER fur ball. That’s just how it rolls.

For first time viewers of this anime, this may not be for you. Serious buffs will not gain anything from it. Fanservice are relatively safe and it mostly short and simple. No violence. Just people being sportsmanlike and resolve their boredom with a fair game. For me, I can’t help but like the art. I also like Shinkou. Yum.

Verdict: Auto Pass

Blog: Not this time.

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