June 8, 2012

Undying Redundancy in PH telly network offerings

Hi there, I may not be active by posting in my corner but I’ll keep in touch since I am busy for implementing my records regarding to my enrollment since I am an incoming 4th year student and I am a graduatee. (hopefully…)

I am bothered by the two biggest networks – ABS-CBN and GMA – when it comes to their anime morning shows. Last semester, I find it quirky when the two networks are showing these anime series: “Sailormoon”, “Mojacko”, “One Piece”, a not updated “Naruto Shipuden” series, even the undying anime series of “Ghost Fighter” and “Dragon Ball Zenkai” which is I hated most.

I remember when Jay, Mr.A and me discussed why does the said networks are not updating their anime shows at my fave coffee shop. To be honest, DBZ is shown on GMA 7 since when I was nine years old I don’t like watching these series over and over again because of three reasons:

  1. I shut down the T.V. since it was a replay just to save electricity.
  2. I wanted to watch new anime series neither on the two giant T.V. networks.
  3. I’d rather watch Animax to update myself, watch episodes thru online sites and read online manga.

I’m having “tantrums” when I saw of these series on TV. Because the viewers deserves the best to satisfy their thirst in Anime. Besides, most of their viewers are kids and young at hearts who are avid fans. I hope the networks are focusing too on their anime shows besides to their so-called “telenovelas” which gives them high ratings. But what are they thinking? For Pete’s sake! Watching the undying rivalries of  “Sasuke and Naruto”, “Taguro and Eugene”, “Freza, Picollo, Androids and Son Goku”, “Luffy with the Straw Hat Pirates against the mob” etc. makes me pissed by simply watching it. No updated episodes of “One Piece”, “Bleach”, “Naruto Shipuden” etc. makes me scratch my head.

Also, I’m having doubts if this problem would be notice at all or not by the networks. There’s no such a thing in their worlds such as high ratings and their so-called “telenovelas”. How about their young audience and their viewers who are expecting the most?

  • Paul Eugenio

    Pretty simple premise -- anime on Free TV are meant to be fillers (TV5 once took this seriously). An interesting analysis would be what my BroadComm professor told me: since national law requires children-oriented programming on TV (around 10% of daily airtime), TV stations usually circumvent the rule by classifying anime as such instead of having, let’s say…Batibot or Sineskwela.

    And of course, talking about this conspiracy, TV stations would not bother having anime appealing to a more “mature” audience.

    Just like any canned show on free TV, broadcasting it will entail costs, more so for anime since it requires dubbing. Comparing it to telenovelas though, soaps draw attention from advertisers because the demographic focuses on women (mothers, single yuppies) which control most of families’ purchasing power. That’s why your fave K-Pop shows are usually full of ads.

    Compare it to anime series which are targeted to kids and placed on the morning slot (none in the afternoon now, apparently), ad load is lower, and less costly.

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