June 11, 2012

Toycon Hits this Father's Day: I got Free Food at the Presscon

It’s that time of the year. Despite my busy schedule being busy and with an over abundance of disinterest with anything that deals with a lot of people and Alodia. It as has come to my attention that this year’s Toycon will be a big event that I would have to attend to. Not because I like Toys, Crappy MMOs or Alodia. I just felt the need to get out somewhere and experience what it is to be surrounded by geeks that I have no interest of. But nevertheless, the kind folks of Collectibles Unlimited wanted us to witness their work with 11 years of experience and counting.

For those living in the Philippines for some reason never heard of this event, we can describe ToyCon as an event people go around and show-off their toys to other people; meet fellow geeks; and wear and chane cosplayers. Or Myrtle as the new term for the craft. Then we can also say, that ToyCon is a gathering of Wo/Manchilds who has lots of money spending on toys and flaunt them to conventions like dicks. It is also a circle-jerking of geeks wanting to raise their notoriety because they can’t find that perfect Waifu. Either perspective works in describing the event. In either case, which side of the coin are you, ToyCon is here to stay and you should just go and basked on sweaty cramped death halls, beside the surgically perfected goddess Alodia.

Into the details of the event. Unlike the past, ToyCon will be held in the entire weekend. This is perhaps a strategy to steal away the salary you earned. Friday is Retailers day, where you can buy Toys. Perfect coincidence, huh. The next two days is your usual event. This is where hell will rise five floors above ground level surrounds you with con goers from all walks of life. Plus get stranded with a lot of cosplayers. Thankfully, there is a rapid decline in Nartuo and L cosplayers. It seems the Cosplay Center for Disease Control finally got its act up and manage to contain the dreadful epidemic. The two weekends will cover your “as you do” events: Cosplay catwalk and Group Cosplay competition respectively. But in the spirit of fairness, the kind folks organizing the event decided to categorized the cosplay competiton so that every cosplayer get’s a “fair” chance of winning. How we would wish CJ Corona get’s this kind of treatment.

Aside from cosplaying, the event will also sponsor games. Particularly Online games from the folks of Amped. The ABS wing who brought Tantra. I won’t delve on what these games are since I am not particularly enthused on these kinds of crap. But expect a lot of games to showcase in a already cramped death halls of megamall.

So that’s it for the ToyCon Presscon. I may sound like I’m a Jerk and dislike everything that deals with mainstream pop-culture. Yes. I don’t really like where the geekdom moves. But nevertheless, I am still interested in what’s in store for the event. The ToyCon coverage last year was overall positive, despite the problem with the organizers sucking up to the sponsors. But beside the point, I’m look forward on the parts that I am interested in, that this year’s ToyCon will reinvent itself and come up with ideas that can rival other events like Cosmania.

For internal affairs: Jay and I will cover half of day 2 and the whole of day 3. We also attended the press-con citing details on what to expect on the event. For an Anime site, I would not delve into the DC/Marvel offering that the convention will bring. That’s not my forte and so does this site’s intentions. Jay and the folks at Zen discuss in general detail on what to expect in the convention covering all of the aspect that is mentioned. In my case, as an Anime enthusiast, let me go into the Anime/J related details here for those who want to experience and perhaps important details that would be relevant to all.

PS: How I wish Jay would had just sent me the files via file dropper. I would had put the pictures I had taken here.

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