Spring 2012

June 9, 2012

Sankarea 10: All about her stepmother

Sankarea is great. Wait. It said that many times. As much as I want to hate the show for being something that is about wishfulfillment of a boy wanting a Zombie girlfriend. This show makes up for the wonderful characters. Looking in it as everything what made Rea an empty shell before she was set free by Chihiro.

This episode this time talks about Rea’s mom, or rather, it talks about Rea’s step mom. Her struggles, frustrations and her inevitable defeat. It clear as day that she put so much into wanting Ichiro (Rea’s Father) to look at her for what she is. But Ichiro just ignores her and sees her as a mere object of false and empty family for the benefit of Rea. In the end, she just want to be loved. But no one can give it to her. Which is sad and made me look at her in a sympathetic sense. She did wanted to have a heart-warming family, but either Rea and Ichiro aren’t seem to care less about her. I do think Chihiro’s comment that Rea’s father may not be the only one that has a say on her, but Rea’s Mom may had its thing as well. However, I think Rea is at fault here. The flash back scene and the mother’s narration seems to indicate the she is open to Rea loving her but she never loved her back. Causing her to shut herself into a stupor and only ended as a materialistic shell of what she is.

Now with this many episode and a lot of characterization around Chihiro’s circle of relations. It does bring a point that Chihiro is perhaps the lamest character from this universe. He somewhat goes to the lowest of the rank just below Wanko. Although the show is veering on a lot of interesting things that doesn’t involve Chihiro being a Zombie freak. It doesn’t hide that fact the he is. He mainly see Rea after she became a Zombie. It somewhat falls into the same parallels as Rea’s father looking at Rea not much as a daughter, but a reincarnation of his late wife whom she loves to the core. I just hope that the show has something in store for Chihiro. I remember that it somewhat related to her late mother. But I do wish that this series will do something along this same lines for his story, so what I can understand what drives him to what he is.

I like how the episode play out. It somewhat goes into a stage-like performance, where the flashback became story-telling sequences complete with props. It’s somewhat reminded me of Bartender in sense that characters who tells the story drives the narration of their stories. Like in a theatre play.

Overall, I’m liking Sankarea as what it is. It has one of the best presentation that questions my expectations of material’s potential on Anime is relevant to the source material. Which I believe is true. But after 10 episodes of this, my belief changes.

Episode Rating: 5/5

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