June 16, 2012

Pre-ToyCon Coverage Predictions

Big events tomorrow. I will be setting aside my money-making antics and splurge on the R&R. Although I am not enthusiastic about the event, given that I just bought spare batteries and a new SD card. Things seem to dawn on how much hell I will have to endure just to get to the event. It will be packed with fanboys and Whiteknigths. I just hope the goddess of stampede Alodia would leave after lunch and the halls would just open like how Moses opens the seas to free its people (but that’s just wishful thinking).

As for the coverage, with a disappointing and utterly snobbish reply from their PR guy Azrael. There will not be a designated are for bloggers to stay. So I can’t just set base and be done with the event. Pretty much all the time I spent there last time, was just sitting beside the stage and listening to all the problems they had. Throw Jay in the other stage to cover the Cosplay Nation, which it starts to become vaporware with no development whatsoever. Not surprising since it’s an Indie film and ran out of budget on doing an around-the-world tour to cover Cosplay. It isn’t specifically a Bourne Legacy equivalent. No one will care anyway since the death hall is just like any other hell hole in the world.

Given that the presscon last week mainly covers western related geekdom. I don’t see much value as an Anime convention. It is one part, but it doesn’t eclipse the entire event. To look at it. There weren’t that many events that centres around Japan beside Tama-con and that YaoiCon that I attended moons ago. Cosmainia is a Cosplay centric event and it has a wide scope of audience so I can’t count it as such. Ozine is mainly just a prelude to ToyCon. A geekfest but smaller and … uninspiring. Hero was an Anime event before. But it degenerate into a pityfull side gag at events. Aside from the Marvel, DC and all things western. Games will be shown. Those crappy MMORPGs will flood the halls and attract hard-core social gamers to test and find money pits to throw around.

The centre of attraction, Cosplay, will be more fair this time around. As mentioned, if you bother to read my presscon post. They will categorize cosplayers according to … I don’t know. Upon double-checking, there isn’t much information revealed on it. The organizers are mum on the details and per the typical Filipino professionalism, it will be revealed on the event prior. I don’t want to delve on how these events are made, and things goes about it. But that’s just how badly things goes in event. But it doesn’t put any negativity on the organizers themselves. It’s just the culture around here. Or SM being AHoles. PressCon revealed that other than your Mrytle events. They will be hunting for Cosplay hipsters (Costrippers for the politically correct) roaming around the vicinity and find the most fadiest of fad among them. I would guess, since I read in GT that someone cosplayed Justin Beiber. I bet he will attend tomorrow’s event dressing as something pop-related. Maybe Mosely or Maywhether.

Never forget: The goddess of stampede, Alodia will grace her presence during the Cosplay event on BOTH days. I would guess, she will be promoting her latest antics: Kimidora where she played … something there. But hey, that Movie is better than Boy Pickup. That film are for stupid people.

That’s all I have to say pre Toy Con coverage. I won’t be doing live shit, since my demographic are not interested in this kinds of events. I will get a lot of videos and upload them to youtube for the entire world to see. Perhaps do audio podcast in the event with Jay.

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