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June 8, 2012

In Review: Kaichou Wa Maid Sama

This is the part two of my discovery, the part 2 manga version of “Kaichou Wa Maid Sama” series. Remember the first time I posted my reviews in KWMS on my previous reviews, the fans of the series are going crazy over it. Even in Youtube, I saw a music video of the ending song of KWMS and it has 950,567 views on it. It is a fan made actually but the comments are really amazing, looking for another season. All hail Hiro Fujiwara (creator of KWMS) cause she granted our wish.

On my favourite “manga” site; it has 70 chapters, English translation, and good news the “UsuMi” (Usui-kun and Misa-chan) tandem that we love is getting the lovemeter high again. Giving us again “moe” and “love chills” at the same time. I finished reading it and yet the master (herself) done it again. They are spoilers that I will now tell you; Usui-kun is transferring in Miyabigaoka High for real, More problems at Maid Latte,Misa-chan and Usui-kun’s relationship blossoms, Misa-chan’s father is coming back, Hinata-kun and Suzu-chan (Misa-chan’s younger sister) has a possible love team potential and the rivalry of Hinata-kun and Usui-kun grows deeper.

I noticed on the manga these five things:

  1. More exposure of the “Three Idiots” which is much more lunatic and funnier to watch.
  2. Aoi-kun, (the cross-dresser) have minimal exposures.
  3. Hinata-kun will finally fight for his feelings to Misa-chan, man to man with Usui-kun.
  4. Usui-kun’s story is finally revealing!!! :D
  5. The “UsuMi” relationship is now having a mutual relationship.

On season one, the love and hate relationship of our couple was like a roller coaster with twists and turns but in the end they prove to themselves that they are indeed falling in love to each other. Also, the greediness of Hinata-kun for food goes well but he doesn’t gain any weight. I noticed that every time an anime poll question was being asked online, the questions usually are: Who is the most sexiest anime male character? Who is the most cutest anime couple? and Who is your anime “dream guy”? The fans usually answered “UsuMi” and “Usui Takumi”. I admit since it was aired on Animax last year the fans adored it so much just like the epic anime series, “Fushigi Yuugi.”

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