Fall 2011

June 25, 2012

Hunter X Hunter 36: Big Debt and a Small Kick

Jay’s note: This is the 1000th post. Happy 1000th, dere-moe!

This would be the episode where people would start to question the remake’s rendition of Hisoka. The portrayal this time around is pretty, different as to what it was in the first. This also put me in a question, if this is actually what Togashi had in mind for Hisoka’s character: a raging sadistic Paedophile.

This concludes the match and the promise Gon had with Hisoka. We all know that Gon is pretty stubborn and it has shown many times in this Anime. It is interesting, although I am not sure if that is included in the first one, that Nen specialities are tied to the person’s persona. He did nail Gon and Killua’s personalities much to a point. Which also gets to the advantage of Hisoka when he combats Gon. It is apparent that Gon, despite the experience combined with the Heaven’s Arena and the Hunter exam, still lacks what it takes to match Hisoka. We can see that Gon is pretty experimental on his attacks. Where as Hisoka is very adept on knowing what to do if situation appears. The winning strike is also a note on what Gotoh said to Gon that the real world is not fair,  as put into play with Hisoka’s deceptive tactics.

Overall we will have a side-track episode, probably will go about two at most with Gon’s Aunt. Not exciting as this arc, but it is important for Killua’s character development.

Episode Rating: 4/5


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