Spring 2012

June 13, 2012

Giga e Kickoff 10: Suguro Special

Ehm. Now that we’re over with a throw-away team. We’re finally of to something interesting. The episode played out quite well this time around. Now it focus more on Shou as he overcome his pressure and finally realizing this point of being a captain. Team-play is already in place, thanks to the last match. What comes next is putting the team with a head on top of it, which is Shou.  I like the second-half where Shou started barking orders like a general in the field, which to be honest, made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Shou deserves to be a captain, because he has the great knack about it. While the guys at OASG mentioned that not all players can become great coaches, I have confidence that Shou’s path will eventually come to that road and will be good at it.

Speaking of Coaches, I like what our Coach tactics are. Since the start of the match, you never heard him bark an order to the team. More of, he rather directs the team to the right match. If you watched the episode, the way he showed that problem with the first half is by asking the team questions and let them build their own conclusion based on it. It was more of a directing than being direct. Remember that during the half-time, rather than telling what’s wrong. But rather than starting with a negative though, he first praised Reika-chan for being useful in a match. Then he asks what’s wrong with the game and what’s is their weakness. The screenshot above tells the direction of how things goes. I like his method since it gives power to the kids to come-up with decision for themselves and come forward with a conclusion. This method will is very effective in handling all kinds of people. It did manage to tame the triplets during the last match by having the coach showing them the result of their action than just prevent them. He really did come a long way as a coach and perhaps it adds to numerous experiences he had. Plus I never seen someone coach in this way (Perhaps Giant Killing, but my memory is a bit foggy in that).

In contrast to the previous match. I did get a feel of the intensity this match brings. It’s obvious that this is an important match, so that things needed to be detailed and not just thrown out, reason I feel frustrated and excited with during the play. Other than that. The presentation is more drawn on a team scale than individual based, like in other Shounen sports. Rather than putting you on a shoes of someone, the attention I have is more aimed toward the team than Shou, the furuyas or Reika-chan. This series is really well-done as a sports show and I should stop praising this.

Overall, wonderful episode. Let’s see what’s in-store for us next week.

Episode Rating: 5/5

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