Showa Monogatari 7: Tremors of Love and the Poolside

Pretend that this is your father telling you that you barely had any clothes on.

An interesting episode we have here. There’s a lot of silent moments where we are left to guess the character’s thoughts. The story this time around is more on Youko finding love. To which she wants to buy a one-piece dress, that seem too revealing for father to accept, costing around 2400 Yen, which is around 11500 computed in 2009 prices. The first half is about Kohei and his match, which was brewing from past episodes. They lost, no surprise but it was a mere springboard to addressing the cancerous youth problem of bullying. It was okay, I find the conclusion a bit of convenient. But albeit, it also put forward a significant part of Japan’s natural disasters.

Again, going back on Youko and her love escapades, that in my back of mind spells unwanted pregnancy. Which is something I am not aware of being a social issue in those times. Going forth on what this love story will unfold is left to be seen.

Overall next episode will go about some history. Like we haven’t seen our share of history now. Still, this episode reminded me what made me like Cross Game, with those silent moments. Looking forward on the next episode.

Episode Rating: 5/5

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