Spring 2011

May 9, 2012

Showa Monogatari 6: Worst Children Day Ever

Although the show didn’t show much what’s Children’s day is. But it rather goes in the lines of “trusting” someone and facing responsibility of sorts.

Fathers can be jerks. Kohei’s father can be considered immature or inconsistent, simplistic can be another point. Somehow too trusting but at the same time can be insensitive to other problems aside from theirs. But then, their job isn’t really anything simple. Hard times are at face and if Apollon is to be pointed, Japan is still in the midst of discovering itself after the war. Losing 80000 yen may not be a big deal in today’s time, but that’s quite a lot of money considering then. I would guess, it’s like loosing a million yen worth of revenue. But I admire that the Japanese do a great deal in customer satisfaction and goes into great lengths to set scores straight. With being back stabbed by the middle man, Kohei’s dad manage to score a direct deal with the company needing the service, which in turn either makes more profit or for the side of the company, buying cheaper without the commission. Then Kohei facing the worst by an angry neighbour for smashing their widows thrice.

Overall, the main drive in the story is that bad things can lead to good things. Kohei’s father is a bit on the edge and hitting their kids seems to be the “father’s seal” of discipline. It’s no different in other Asian countries, like the Philippines with strong family ties written in their DNA. The episode is ok. But it never had an interesting topic for me to talk a lot.

Episode Rating: 4/5

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