Roundtable Otakus Podcast EP22: Hah!

We finally got together and made another show, finally!

This show is spectacular. We talk about anime and never stray away from it! So this show is very anime focused than our previous shows. What’s interesting is that Anton never dropped a single show. While we got to know Kuro has his limits on watching salivating and mind controlling shows peak to the point of not watching it. But that doesn’t compare OUR LOVE TO AKB0048. The sleeper hit for spring 2012, then Anton finally realize the power of LOVE!


The Opening is from Sakamichi no Apollon OP and the Ed is the ED of Sankarea.

Note: In our post recording session. We manage to get our former EIC to soften up and take another shot at lovelife and will reconsider it in the unforgeable future.

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