Spring 2012

May 30, 2012

Kimi to Boku 2 9: Mixed Juice

More like explosive Juice.

Ok that’s Lame.

We have another twin episode today and this time around. But really, the twins talk like a sloth. Like my player is playing at 25% less, making me wait for them to speak, it makes Oreki (Hyoka) look genki. But nevertheless, this week episode did manage to get entertaining with the gang and all. I though that this episode will go nowhere and but at least the author kept them in one place. I guess kids like to roam around aimlessly for some reason. I wasn’t like this when I was at their age. But I do regret not doing so, yet, I don’t think I would like to be outside the house all the time like them.

Although there is little to add in this episode. We already know how pathetic Yuki is in initiative. Somewhat talented but pretty lazy. He has these people around him to do his dirty work and all he does is sit around and do unproductive things. But what can I say? I was like this when I was in HS, so I’m not a model to be casting the stone at him. But he’s still naïve enough not to realize that there is more to what he is now. I like the store manager. He seems to remind me of Working for some reason. I like his character, although stereotype as it may, it does have a purpose for shaping Yuki in the future. Perhaps the author will have more in store for him for the gang in the future episodes.

Overall, I’m just running out of things to say. There’s little to go on with the twins, but next week episodes seem to bring forth something which we all love about this series. I can’t wait.

We can’t end this post without this.

Episode Rating: 3/5

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