May 26, 2012

If You Really Need a TV Show about Otaku fandom, Here's a Better Pitch

Just to be fair to Kira. Besides criticizing his pitch which some people do agree that it is a fruitless endeavour. Let me present my programme that I just came up with and made me sleepless last night. The concept isn’t entirely original, but I never seen these type of shows aired in the country so here goes:

Reality Documentary Show

I’m not referring to an Ala Big Brother or Survivor anything of in the same vane that is associate with it. That’s just scripted crap and full of fluffy drama, because life is boring . What I am referring to is the like of A&Es Pawn Stars or those in Discovery’s Sons of Guns, Salvage Hunters, Auction Kings, Gold Rush, Coal, Rock Stars etcetera. I’m talking about shows that lets you go about the everyday work of some, often, taken for granted or uncommon organization or individuals. What differentiate it from the others is that it’s actually real. Well, we can argue on the legibility of some, like Hardcore Pawn or Storage Hunters, which were copycats by TruTV, but that’s not the issue. The shows I mention are special because it contains two things: Educational, Entertainment. Educational in sense that it lets you learn the ropes of the work. Understand the perspective of it. Appreciate or at least get to understand why they do what they do. Why is it necessary and all; Entertainment because it has conflicts, drama bundled. Why? Because these are people. They get pissed and be pissed at. So thing can get awry or sometimes physical. But that’s just life. Unlike Big Brother or Survivor which is are practically game shows and just aimed to stir drama among the participant, perhaps make them act like it is actually happening. Regardless, it’s a manufactured reality show, as the shows I mentioned have been going even when the crew stop filming.

Putting Otaku Life in Perspective

Now here is where we put the Otaku life in a reality show. In terms of Anime, there is little much to cover from. But in the Cosplay scene, this concept can shine.

I propose two scenario, with both case can present an interesting aspect of the local Otaku Fandom. One is a show that covers family business doing Cosplay Costumes for clients. Or as an added bonus, one of them is a cosplayer. So the show starts with them or a client asking to make them a costume. Let’s say a Mecha or a certain Anime character. The show will then on journey on the process of creating them. The design, the materials and to the point of actually finishing them. Then the end scene would probably be a convention or an event where the client shows of his/her costume, be satisfied and all. Now, how does this cover the two aspect of a RDS (Reality Documentary Show)? Let’s start with the Educational aspect: The show will mainly cover the difficulties of making the costume. It lets the viewer understand the process of creating it. The way materials are chosen and perhaps do a small background on the Mecha/Anime or what ever character the client want. In short it has a goal to let viewers understand what does it take to make a costume. A WELL-DONE costume. So this would cater cosplayers wanting to start their way in costume making, or perhaps learn a few things. The other aspect is Entertainment: this is where the journey from start to finish sets in. This will cover the interaction between the employees (family members if it’s a family business), frequent shop owners who the family business gets it material to. We can also include the drama during conventions or event where the costume is prepared to be worn. Cosplay is very vibrant full of rich personalities that can be blinding, that it has its bult-in drama. So even if want drama, we shouldn’t sweat on finding one.

The second scenario will have a team cover Anime event organizing. There are a lot of Anime conventions here and there. So it’s a big question how does an event get planned and executed. We have organizing groups like Anime Alliance or Cosplay PH that does this things.  Either one of them will do. Have a docu crew chronicle the planning and executing of the events. Start of with a client asking to create a so so event. Then the show will guide the viewer on how it is made and its execution. Like establishing rules in contest, finding materials to go with the venue, finding sponsors etcetera. The climax is where they are already executing the event. This is also set the stage for the entertainment part, since a lot of things can go on in an event. Theft, brawls, fights and such. The previous ToyCon has some of those things and its unavoidable. The educational aspect of the show is mainly the organizing part. I’m sure the guys at the organizing team are otakus at some degree so pot shots of otaku references here and there should satisfy the Otaku centric of it. It’s not as strong as my previous case. But the impact is quite equal. Let’s just say both of the scenarios I laid out has their strong points and weak points. I know this scenario can be any of those event docu, but the flavour favours in Otaku fandom.

So that’s  my proposal. I don’t think this concept will cost much. You don’t need actors to act the role. Plus it helps promote things in an unbias way of sorts. Not only that, you’ll learn something. Now where can you find that kind of show in local TV? But this concept will work in a cable channel. Likely candidate is HERO.

What do you think?

  • Anton (DJ meganekon)

    If you hosted these TV shows, or provide a voice-over at least, they would be more entertaining than intended

    • Solidad

      There will be a voice-over, it’s a given in these types of shows.

  • Paul Eugenio

    I’m actually thinking of a drama/whatever it is fictional series…to be specific, rivalry of 2 bands that compete in J-Pop competitions. Stuff like that. Then the lead or the the guitarist of the respective bands will fell in love with each other, and you know the drill. Maybe I should write this on Wattpad.

    For the reality part, sad thing is that people are used to associating reality to those shows that artificially induce brawl or drama, with the genre you mentioned non-existent in our airwaves. Day-Off (GMA News TV) somewhat fills the bill, but it’s the hosts who experience the jobs/tasks instead of featuring the workers themselves. Alabang Housewives (TV5) could be too, but’s its only a bunch of 2 Visayan-accented women who married foreigners being asked to roam showbiz places around the metro.

    PTV can do your suggestions, but I really doubt the chances of it happening.

    • Solidad

      Oh please, not another drama. But the idea of 2 bands competing is good. I guess, around the format of American Chopper from Discovery could fit on it. Rather feature the rivalry between two bands. Or better, it’s against the old band and a new band that was founded by a previous band member. Like master vs protegee. Get features in conventions and boom. Publicity for the event, and people watching get entertained with music.

      • Paul Eugenio

        That would be better I should say. Haven’t seen such format on free TV -- Rakista (from the old Ka-Shake TV5) is one, but it’s a mockumentary.

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