Fall 2011

May 6, 2012

Hunter x Hunter 30: Fierce and Ferocious

Gon gets a slap in the face.

Its like saying “its a sunny today” in a bright sunny day if I told you that we are building up to Hisoka. That’s the point we have here anyway. Most of the stuff that happened is just the result of what I said in the previous episode. Gon being reckless and Killua telling I told you so. We do get to see Kurapika in a bit and how he gets introduced to the powers of nen. Though, I don’t recall much about his master. He was never mentioned in the manga prior to my reading and perhaps it was said in the original series and I just had forgotten about it.

Although I don’t get one thing about the direction of the match. The episode starts with Gon and the top guy fighting and cuts away to the part where we see Gon being injured after the loss, which implies that he is beaten in the match. Then somewhere in the later part, we get to see how it all ended. It’s like, “duh! I got how it ended by seeing Gon. There’s no point in telling it again.” It shows the lack of confidence to the viewers that they can’t piece the two points together. The match wasn’t complicated enough to warrant that. They could had just removed that and ended with the episode with a cliffhanger of Gon being fully recovered from his injuries. I sometimes cringe on the pacing of this show.

Overall, It’s okay. Killua is Cute. Gon is Cute. Even Wing-san has that excitement of training monsters. Oh I can’t wait to see Biscuit.

Episode Rating: 3/5

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