Spring 2012

April 19, 2012

Spring 2012 Anime Spring Cleaning

Now that we got the tourney out of the way (thanks to all that voted for the site), let’s talk about anime, like what this site usually do.

It’s really surprising that a lot of the series that aired this season didn’t got me engaged to write about them. Sure I have Kimi to Boku 2, but that’s out of liking the first series anyway. So I guess spring will go to the meganekko fan who is writing on 3 shows: Koko Loco, Dusk Maiden Amnesia and Apollon. I on the other hand will continue on Hunter X Hunter, Kimi to Boku 2 and Knight in the Area.

But then again, I am not here to talk about that. I will talk about shows that I will be dropping from this season. Yes, we’re just in episode 2-3 and I am dropping them. Like what Bakuman says: “the real battle starts at chapter 2″ or in this case, the 2nd episode. I am convince enough that it’s not worth my time and effort of watching them. I should just watch Eureka Seven instead, but that’s not going to happen.

Polar Bear Cafe

And we taught that a show with a Penguin, a Polar Bear and a Panda is a recipe for an interesting comedy? Sadly no. Despite the “expendable” cast of big name voice actors, it’s pretty much a dull show. The jokes are far in between, most are dull. What’s bad, is that the jokes are also lacking that punch that connects to the viewer. You know, what High School Boys and Gintama had when throw a Joke. They let it develop then some more and release it in one go. How about comparing it to a penis. There are two types of Penis: One that is long when flaccid;  the other short but rubbery. If the former stiffens it never grow any more than its flaccid state; but the latter stretches far more and stiff a lot longer. Polar Bear Cafe is the former and the latter are the two good shows I mention. It’s just too soft and things just stale in the end.

Now where did I learn about penises … let’s just say: experience, haha.

Aachi Kochi

It’s not that I dislike this show, but there isn’t anything that makes me want to watch it more. At least it knows not to annoy its viewers by being a natural moe and not being moe because I’m moe. But watching episode 2 never really went anywhere. It’s just random bull with bunch of high school kids eating caek, or talk about random musing that I already have with Kimi to Boku, but not saying Kimi to Boku is a bland goo of moe like this. Yes, there are moments that I giggle but come on, I don’t watch anime to be bored, I watch it to be amused. So no. I am dropping this. I am fine if it involves that two guys having sex in front of the cat girl. No! The cat girl can not join.

Sengoku Collection

Despite its cuteness, I just don’t have the patience to watch this. I never really like the Sengoku gimmick and reversing it now doesn’t make me arouse. I never watched episode 2 because I am busy reading manga and my first impression of is just a meh. Even without any fatal blunders, I’m just going to skip on this and wait for the most anticipated Anime this season.

Is it a Zombie? – OF THE DEAD!!!

Even if I like the fanservice, I’m feeling that this series is going to suck. With episode 2 that is mainly half DORAMA and half-fun, with a hint of more DORAMA, I’m just calling it quits and delete it in my pile. I like Ayumu and his ass, but I can have as many asses as I want anyway. Like

So no. Despite my eagerness to continue on this series. The trauma of suckiness is just too strong to overcome. Besides, Ayumu isn’t bishounen enough for me.

Dusk Maiden of Amnesia

Another harem show. Ok, I like the first half of episode one. But It’s still a harem show. Nice gimmick though, but its a harem show. I am tired of harem shows. The presentation didn’t entice me and the main male lead is nothing but a sperm cow for the girls to squeeze upon. And since I am not the one squeezing it. So yes, I’m dropping this.

Shows that I’m still watching

Aside from that, here are the shows that still in my watch list.

  • Mystery Girlfriend X – Aside from the disgusting drool. The mysterious had never gotten dull. The theme surrounding relationships is interesting also. It’s just that nothing move much on episode 2.
  • Kuroko’s Basketball – Still interesting. I’m a sucker of rightly aged bishounen high school boys.
  • Space Bros – I like it a lot. But what’s preventing me on writing about it is that I will be stuck with it for a year. I’ll just cover it by arc instead.
  • Jourmungad – Koko is Loco so I’m still Loco on this. Although I did read something that deals with war, but like that series, its confusing. Too many things that happen and there’s little hints in it. Maybe I’m just tired when I watched episode 2, so I’ll go and watch it again.
  • Ginga e Kick off – I like shota. Even if this series will not go around making shota stuff, I will still watch it. Maybe replace Knight in the Area. I’m getting bored with that shit.
I’m not going to bother mention the Noitamina since that’s obvious. BROMANCE IS IN THE AIR!!!

  • meganekkofan

    See? Acchi Krappi is nothing but a shallow half-arsed bollocks of a fanbait series :P

    • Solidad

      Its not shallow. I just want to trim my watch list to be more productive.

  • adtcruz

    I’ll trim your watchlist more — I’ll be taking Hyouka episode blogging for you two :P

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