Roundtable Otakus Podcast EP21: April Fools

It’s summer here in the Philippines and the college authors are finally getting their work done. It’s a lonely world for me, who has to keep this site running during the past months. But what can you say, we can always do a show that talks about the new anime and deal with the dirt that is left by the winter. At least DJ meganekon and I got the common ground in Guilty Crown being shit and all. It shows that he still have taste. So sit back, relax, or just download this damn thing so that you wouldn’t miss your ride to recreation.


Our Intro is Ohisama from Daily Lives of Highschool Boys by Amesaki Annainin and our Outro is Wonderland from Gintama’ by Flip.

P.S: We also interrogated DJ meganekon‘s love life but stubbornly resist. If you want him to confess, please leave a comment in this post. You can also go use #meganekonlovelife and mention @deremoe, @adtcruz, @achiisan, @tcmanila, @kuroshinko, @solidad to show your support and interest.

From a guy who likes Anime, this COE graduate either spends his time watching and writing anime, to programming that will bring new ideas that would make technology work for him. This guy who sits on his computer all-day also got himself into podcasting. His shows are mainly Tech Rant, Anime Rant, Otaku Inside, PPPP, The dere-moe Podcast, and Roundtable Otakus Podcast. He also supervises and maintain the servers. Google+@Solidad
  • matty

    I have no idea what’s going on lol

    • Solidad

      hehe … Its not bakacast XD

      • matty

        And, yet, I understand you guys a lot more!