Message to my voters

It appears that the fight is going strong. The first round of the Aniblog tourney is proving to be a fierce battle ground, complete of trolling, insults and DORAMA. The dere-moe blog is still in the heat of battle currently going strong against our competitor. This is a surprising development, that I did not expect. My heart is moved to those who had voted for me and thanked those who put their opinions across me. I know that my site does not conform with any normal Anime site out there. I could had just grab a theme in the wordpress site and be content with it. But no. My burning passion to show my individuality rays up and beyond to push through making a site that you won’t see elsewhere. Insults and praises given, I know that the design is not perfect. This is my second time designing a theme in wordpress. I had fun doing it and will certainly do upon making more interesting designs later on the project.

However, I take criticism professionally. With that, those that I read in the comments, I will look upon meeting them to suit better the site. I may not follow them verbatim, but those are very helpful to me.

I do hope that my imperfectness will not shun my viewers, as well as please be patient and read my reviews. I place my emotions and opinions there and I would like to hear your thoughts as well.

As I close, the battle is still rages on. This site will fight to the end, I believe those who believe in me. Vote for whom you think is right.

From a guy who likes Anime, this COE graduate either spends his time watching and writing anime, to programming that will bring new ideas that would make technology work for him. This guy who sits on his computer all-day also got himself into podcasting. His shows are mainly Tech Rant, Anime Rant, Otaku Inside, PPPP, The dere-moe Podcast, and Roundtable Otakus Podcast. He also supervises and maintain the servers. Google+@Solidad
  • KaZuHiRo

    Imprefection* -- I’m a grammar nazi. Best of luck Solidad!