Kimi to Boku 3 4: In the Steam

An episode without Chizuru gets an instant down raiting for me.

You see, what is good about Chizuru is how he stirs the gang to something interesting. Always gets them in some form of situation or mess, while we enjoy the reaps of each character’s charms. But nevertheless, this week’s episode did had a decent development of Yutta and Yuki. More of a “in-your-face” look on the personalities of the two. Look, if you had watched this show since the beginning, we already know their quirks. The only think we don’t know is if Yuki and Yuta prefer Boxers or Briefs. There’s little to add here. Only that sometimes, Yuki can be reliable when you need to. Despite what ever conflict both of them have with each other, when one needs the other, they’ll be there. It’s a twins thing I guess. Plus, you can get homoerotic with your twin be totally okay with it. Benefits!

Overall, it’s a nice episode. For those who can’t get enough of the twins should be happy and had died a happy death.

Episode Rating: 4/5

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