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April 30, 2012

In Review: Kuroko's Basketball

With 4 sports shows in my watch list, it seems fate is telling me to go out and exercise. 2 Football and one Basketball show, plus a baseball manga that I’ve been following. All shounen. I guess  I’m still bound in the simplistic but colourful nature of the demographic. Which it speaks true to the nature of staying a kid at heart.

Basketball is my arch-enemy. Despite being a tall guy, I don’t engage on these sweaty contact sports. Maybe, I’m not used to shoving and being thrown around by accident. But I did have my chance to play an actual game and it reminded me how it is good to feel alive. I do understand the thrill of playing this sport. It’s an all-out war between two teams each outwitting each other. The pump adrenaline and the heightened senses is like a drug that makes players crave for more.

Anyway I did mention my initial impression about this show. I still watch it. I really like it. It doesn’t follow the cliché path of an establish, beaten road of sports stories. For one, our main duo isn’t just the stars of the show. Their team members aren’t your typical throw away teams that are just their to fill the body count. I like that the recent episode showed that despite Kuro’s absence, they still manage to par well on the opposing them, though barely. But still, they aren’t push over that makes the show a fight between the main characters. The second thing I like about this, is that they don’t push on the technical side of the fence. I guess Slam Dunk, which is a famous staple in the basketball sport genere had already filled that part. It’s not an alien sports now, at least that what I think it is in Japan. But my second point is already done in most sports show I watched. From the heavy sports baseball Ookiku to the drama inspired Cross Game and Knight in the Area. If you are going to tackle mainstream sports, putting those 101s aren’t necessary. The third thing I like, but not unique in the show, is that the main characters aren’t stupid either. We are done with Goku and the Sakuragi of Anime. That’s so 90s. There are audiences that tend to look for characters to aspire them to. Not someone they can relate with. Kuroro’s character is amazing in my opinion. Able to compensate the lack of physical attributes but manage to find his forte and exploit it to oblivion. Kagami who reminded me of Roukawa’s for some reason has that positive competitive outlook that everyone should follow. These are good example of characters that can motivate someone into being them in life. Of course, we can go to another direction like the Gokus and Sakuragis in Ginga e Kickoff where we are hand-holed into being the ideal character. Choose whatever you want. But I prefer the former.

Overall, I like this show. Plus the so many Yaoi potential in it makes me want to crave for moar. Kuroro is soo cute. Plus there’s that guy with the w expression in his face. AWWW.

Episode Rating: 5/5

If you are thinking that I’m going to blog this, then you’re mistaken. This is just my though review of the show so far. Too many sports titles in the site. I’m no sports guy and I am certainly not into basketball.

  • Aki Bolalin

     Kuroko no Basuke is definitely one of the shows I’m still watching

    • Solidad

      Glad to see a fellow fan.

  • RubenHDM4

    wich day of the week the episodes releases?

    • Solidad

      Depending on you timeline. It is released around Sunday (Saturday in the west, I think).

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