First Impressions

April 10, 2012

First Impressions: Kuroko Basketball

Gyaa~ I immediately fell in love with this. There’s even a Yaoi fanbait. Anyway, shounen sports aren’t really my liking, despite picking Area no Kishi. But that’s because of the drama not much on the sport. Kuroko Basketball is more in your traditional shounen troupe than the former. But it does so in an impressive first episode. I haven’t read the manga, or has any liking to the sport. I don’t like basketball. But this one got me interested right way. That’s a good sign.

Well this series is short. Only 13 episodes currently under Production IG. Whose director did some stuff, like the OVA of Tsubasa Tokyo Resovioir, which doesn’t really add much. One strong point I see here is that character design. They don’t have that “they look old to be in highschool” or “they’re flashing-ly beautiful” like dear boys (never watched the complete series of it). Which it seems he did some for Junjou Romantica, it has a bit of similarities, but tailored for the shounen audience. There’s little to tell on how they will create the basketball matches. We’ll just have to wait a bit for that.

For the story, do I have to do this? Think Rukaoa that has Sakuragi’s temper joins a newly made basketball club together with one of the legendary players of the miracle generation. A team that destroyed everything in its way. This episode is mainly a setup to introduce the characters, nothing unique there. But it did manage to make it interesting by its characters. What more, there seems to be a chemistry going on with Kuroko and that tall red-haired dude that I like. My Yaoi goggles senses.

Overall, it got me interested by having an interesting male lead and pleasing character design. Plus it got me a good Yaoi fanbait. If this turns out to be good by the second episode, I will drop Area no Kishi for this. This one is far more interesting.

First Impressions: 5/5

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