Winter 2012

March 26, 2012

Knight in the Area 12: Being Fat Has its Benefits

This is one of those “nah” moments where you would be stupid enough to screw things up. This episode is pretty straight forward with the divide among the traditional and radical coaches. The series did play its strength and weaknesses among the two previous team and neither one is enough combat the outside forces of the inter-high tournaments.

Iwaki Moment

Iwaki somewhat reflects what the coach in Giant Killing is. Although I think that Iwaki is less compared to the coach, I find his style more on the borderline of house minus the anti-social mood swings. Although I am surprised that this isn’t the moment where the SC realized the dedication of our dear coach, but in the second half where he put the FC into the lion’s pit.

In fairness, they did fare well in the practice match, but I think the odds might change if this were the full Enoshima force.

Counter Culture

Is it me or 10 seem to remind the of the 60s. In fact, I thought Iwaki pitch the college rugby club to play football. Still interesting.

Overall, nothing much to say here. It’s your series being just any above decent sports show.

Episode Rating:3/5

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