Fall 2011

March 25, 2012

Chihayafuru 24: Taking You To my Room

With the theme release, let’s take a look in the Animes that I had neglected of writing. Not that their bad, I just happen to have little to say to it. I had didn’t write anything about Chihayafuru in a while, despite that the ending just around the corner. It begs to question that with all the events that happen, where everyone just lost and we are brought with a match of two characters, one we hardly see and one being new since, like, two episodes ago. Why did we even bother with these character, if they’re this raw. I bet the previous queen and the current queen has good stories to tell and productive at that, but why did the Anime bother going with the original if they’re just going to do nothing out of the characters? weird.

Fake Sadist Is Fake

I can’t find a screen shot of sudo in my files, but I’ll say it anyway, since I didn’t have the previous episode to talk about it.

I don’t know about you, but I really hate Sudo’s character. Among the sadist I had seen, particularly looking at Okita from Gintama. I don’t get why Chihaya and the other are so full of his character, like he’s some force to be reckon with. His demeaning aura doesn’t strike me as threatening or sadistic; it comes like he’s just a guy being pissed for little to no reason. He’s that road rage driver rampaging and bickering in the rush hour traffic full of himself. If I ever come across this guy, I would seriously punch him in the face, and rape him, publish it on facebook or twitter or something. This guy is a joke when it comes to sadistic tendencies, that is parallel to the utter lack of decent humour in this series.

Mrs Pressure

Regardless of what I said earlier about the lack of decent humour. This scene in particular is the funniest scene in the series. I like how Taichi’s mom being over protective of his son and her dislike to Chihaya is just organic as Chihaya mentioned in the beginning of the series. The plot behind Taichi and her mom would had been a great device until the end, if we will not see them competing in tournaments. But unlike in the flashback, I find that his mom is a bit more lenient on him. I would think if she remained in the flashback, thing would had been different, or perhaps interesting by the conflict it can bring. I also like how his mom was nervous when Taichi invited Chihaya to his room, where he previously reluctant to do. But I also see that putting a hot girl in a guy’s room would bring any parent nervous, specially if you close the door. I bet Taichi’s mom was more nervous of having Chihaya as her in-law than Taichi brining babies unexpectedly.

So is this a Queen and Previous Queen Series?

In the end, rather than resolving issues with Chihaya and the Gang, we get to have a match with the queen as a series finale with the Meiji in the final boom to it. Okay, if we were going to go in this route, we would had been better if we focus on these characters, than put time on characters that didn’t even make it to the quarter finals. Looking at this, this series ruined the opportunity to stay in-line with the manga, then go over and put this plot where the characters became spectators to some grand scheme. How can you move forward from here, is a mystery to me.

Overall. The series is wrapping it up to something that failed to go to my expectations. Anime series has this tendency to open end its finales in hopes of getting a sequel. But they do so hap-hazard way that it ruins the experience of the viewer. Like Listen to me girls, I am not happy on where this is ending.

Episode Rating: 3/5

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