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January 19, 2012

Chihayafuru 15: Winning for Chihaya

Having Chihaya won the match against the Queen would just end the entire series right there. But I find it satisfactory that the match ended with a loss. It’s just too shoneny if Chihaya won out of friendship and determination alone, which doesn’t bode well to a serious game as Karuta. However, it did melt some of that smirk the queen had when Chihaya got in the momentum. Sadly, it’s too late.

The show is really about Taichi here. Who could had guess. To think of it, this has more tension than Chihaya’s match. Heck, he’s more pressured by the loss Chihaya just had. Being a captain of the team, he would want to snatch a victory to cheer everybody up. The frustration in porky is just classic. I think he and Taichi has the same rank, Porky being thrown out of the match frustrates him. It doesn’t really matter that it’s an individual match, everybody is an enemy even team mates. This match would had porky and Taichi. Humph. Bunch of narcissistic bastards.

Now that the major match is over, which signals the end of a season, what would be the next major point in the series? Will it be the battle of the century, Taichi and Arata? Arata and Chihaya? or will it be the success of Deskmoto-kun?

Interesting Tidbit

  • Taichi having his moment of pressure. His old self is fighting over his acceptance of loss with Arata without even trying. It would be nice if his mom would step in and mess with the team.
  • Even if Taichi has learned that pressuring someone will not make them do better in a critical match. He still can’t calm himself.
  • Although I would had said this in the last blog. But I think the reason they’re not wearing their Hakama is because, history major felt guilty because Chiahaya can’t play in the team tournament with that hot wardrobe. It was never mentioned in the Anime, but I like the subtlety in it.

All in all, it’s an interesting arc and it concluded well. A bit far off considering every 2 cour anime from Autumn just had its season ender 3 weeks earlier. Still, it didn’t really matter.

Episode Rating: 5/5

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