Mawaru Penguin Drum 23: Destination of Fate

Can we safely say that Mawaru is the second best Anime this year? People would argue if I call it no # 1. Mami would be sad.

I knew eventually we will see the showdown between Sanetoshi and Momoka. I like the subtlety. but the self-contained tension of the situation, with the plan being laid out ready for its execution. It kind of question how Momoka got herself involve. Is this another “fate” that bind them both in a showdown of fabulous proportions?

I’m quite amazed on the direction of this episode. This series is pulling the right pacing and each plot thread is starting to lead to its end. The music is also well commended. It makes everything feel like we are counting down to the big show, and everything is starting to set the stage for the finale.

I mentioned that this series seems to throw things out of nowhere but made it like it fits the story perfectly. I mentioned before that Shouma seems to be the odd-man-out of this entire scheme of things. But it seems that he is the one that is quietly observes. Despite the break-up, he still took Himari and accepts everyone without malice. With Kanba and Himari leaving, I can’t help but agree with draggle on his theory, that Shouma will be the madoka that will save them all.

The destruction of the diary is a huge setback to saving Himari. But we all know that it’s just a means to bring more tension to our forces of good.

Overall. Mawaru is at its finest. Everything will eventually end.

Episode Rating: 5/5

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