Fall 2011

November 17, 2011

Chihayafuru 7: But For Autumn's Coming

Why does this kid remind me of Shautei Ley from Bowling King? It is as if, he’s the odd ball among the crowd of beautifully drawn characters and well enamoured atmosphere. But I don’t label him like a pigeon drop in a newly cleaned white Ferrari. I would rather looked at him as the moe for nerds.

Kurata is Serious Business

I initially see little on the complexities in Kurata. Unlike Go that involves numerous strategies and ever evolving play-style, that it surmounted to a life-time dedication. There are ranks. Ranks that are gravely respected and honoured among the like-minded crowed. Their idols, their rival, and perhaps their god. I don’t see the magnificent pleasantries in Kurata that is present it Go. Yet, this episode dramatized on how people dedicated to the sport worked hard for it. A few episodes ago, we did see the tension going during the accession test for the Class B to Class A. It is a battle of endurance and mental fortitude that is the asset of what makes this game daunting if you look at it. The cycle of memorization and destruction can be taxing. But it can also be a good way to loose weight; if the claim on memorizing burns a lot of your sugar. But I find sex rather more interesting.

On the other hand, Chihaya is getting good at it. But its one of those “innate” skills, which I find a common trait among the leads in series. Something that separates them among the sea of generic, template faces. Her reflexes and perhaps her instinct is what makes her being and advantage compared to Taichi, since he’s a thinker than Chihaya who act first then think.

Cheap Victory

The character development on this episode took a good look at Taichi and his frustrations on things that he think will never change. But the understanding of the fact that he is no way will win against Arata in a fair one-on-one match. He is also getting frustrated on the fact that Chihaya is also beating him. He is frustrated and I can see that smirk on his face when he realized at the end that he can still beat Chihaya if the game turned into pure memorization and razor-sharp focus. That feeling of cocky, man-pride, and perhaps a jerk personality that we see during his elementary days. When we are done with the flashback, I see a much more calmer and strained Taichi. Its like he’s going with life and doesn’t seem to enjoy it. I like that his melancholy of constant regrets is at least set-aside in this moment of victory over Chihaya and I bet off cam, he would rub it into Chihaya’s face.

The Nerd, The Desk, The Bounderies

Finding him sexy aside. He reminded me on people fighting over change. I’ll go off into a political tangent a bit and share with you our culture in the Philippines. Although, change always comes with uncertainty. People tend to shun away from transforming their lives. Part of what made religion is to answer uncertainties to man; like death and forces of fate that tend to wove them to believe that life are composed of predetermined paths, in which we are free to choose. To bring an Atheist point of view: why does God provide paths and yet he already knows our fate? Is he toying with us? Is this a divine equivalent of putting a mice in a maze and amuse themselves as it struggles?

The behaviour here got me thinking of the Filipino’s mentality of being satisfied on what is being given. It seems life is a multiple choice; Go here, or here, or there. It is no surprise that our country is lacking the creative people like those we see in the US and other countries. Very few venture into business and content on being a salary man until retirement. Lacking the gambling spirit of venturing into the unknown and start a business. My country is shit! It’s a given fact, and salary earned won’t sustain you in your life time. You better make something worth your while or you’ll die regretting for wasting it and the opportunity that passed by.

In this Anime. The megane guy – which I can’t remember the name -, is personified in that mantra of afraid of venturing into the unknown. Studying seems to be his comfort zone. Writing frantically as it fills the void of things he lack: social recognition and acceptance. Personified by his name and the desk where he carries it like a blow-up doll. His reluctance to join the club is merely his uncertainty, also his bewilderment on the circumstances that just spontaneously occurred.

He also is reflect Taichi’s doubt. Since he is breed to excel on thing he knew he can conquer. The uncertainty or the lack of confidence in winning Kurata is putting a cloud on his mind. But sometimes, you might just need a mirror and a role play in realizing your internal faults.

There’s always him and his magic mirror if you need one.


I like this episode. Chihaya may come irritating to some, but her spunk goes well used. I’m amused for being unfazed nor unhindered in doing what she wants. Unbounded with restrictions, that I find supporting. The dramatization and the episode overall was mildly above average, but I don’t see not enjoying it. It made me smile numerous times, and it is a good enough sign.

Episode Rating: 4/5

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