Fall 2011

October 4, 2011

Hunter X Hunter 01 Second Series: Journey x And x Friends

I was very enthusiastic that there’s another Hunter X Hunter series going to be released this Fall season. Being the one of the few series that has influenced me during my younger years, watching it on TV. It as a definite place in my heart, and it also goes automatically in my blog list for this Autumn 2011 season.

I don’t get it why HxH fans are so dissident on this new remake. At least, we should be happy that this series gets a reboot. The Hiatuses has cause a significant drop of popularity; and most of the fans are those how are already in their mid 20 to early 30s. The HxH series isn’t your typical Shounen work, and despite its age, it can still rival that of the other works in the market. Togashi maybe a douche for having this extensive vacations for health reasons we won’t be able to comprehend. But we can’t ignore the fact that he’s one hell of a mangaka to deliver a good story. It’s time to refresh the pool fan base so that his work continues on to sell. That leaves us fans, to get more from him.

Ok. Now on to the series. I did raise my concern that the character design seems a bit on the kiddie side. It was rather simplified unlike the first series. Gon looked younger, Kurapika looked more shota and Killua’s more cuter. Well, I guess that’s alright I can get with it. What’s more I notice is that how the series started up. It has this child theme sticking into it. It’s like HxH being target for kids; where as it was more appropriate to a more mature audience. But then again, HxH is a shounen series. I can’t remember the first few chapters of the manga, but like the rest of the four pillars of Shounen, it always starts in this pump-up feel of an exciting adventure. It’s kinda hard to bring enough suspense if you already know what’s going to happen anyway.

Another thing I notice is that the pacing in the first episode seemed a bit fast. Understandably the first few chapters weren’t the most enticing parts of the series; and people rather want to go straight into the action, since people don’t have time to go over this introduction part far to long. The pace didn’t go smooth unlike how the FMA remake did with its beginning episodes, but their beginning episodes are far more interesting than this one anyway. As a long time fan of the series, I’m rather more interested on the start of the Hunter exam.

It’s just the first episode anyway. I’m sure there are plenty of ways to get the other characters the development time needed for them. Even the first introduction with Kurapia and Leorio.

I would also commend on the great work on the music department. It has more kick than the last season. Or maybe it is because I watched the local TV release, making the music to almost non-existent. But regardless, it has this pumped tracks that makes you want to go into an epic adventure – ala Pirates of the Carribean of sorts. The ending theme is also good. It kinda reminded me of the 2nd op of Death Note. But still, it was good.

Overall. The first episode is no way enough to say that this series will slide down the hole of bad remakes. It has a lot of potential in it. The combat seemed fluid, and it will make better justice in future battles like Netero and the King; or Gon versus Hisoka in the York arc. I’m excited for this.

The Good

  • Fluid Animation
  • Great Music
  • Revamped Character Designs
  • Has great potential

The Bad

  • Inconsistent pacing

First Impressions: 4/5

Since this is a shounen series. I won’t be blogging this one per episode. Instead, I’ll be batch blogging this in per 10 basis. I’ll be talking about this after 10 episodes and see how it pans out.

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