Summer 2011

September 12, 2011

No 6: What Lies in the Abyss

If there’s one thing that made got me thinking in this episode, is that Bones got to spend a bit more on this. The action sequence are done to boost the drama that is already overblown, but unlike the former, this time they got it where it’s is intended, though too late. 

People may argue on whether the animation style being used is either a good one or a bad one. On my end, it is reminisce of Naruto’s budgeted episode of important fighting chapters. Or a mark 2 version of Birdy the Decode fighting sequences. In the end, it delivered a tense drama of Sion and Nezumi going out and fight their way to save Safu, who seem to have become a potential vessel of this mysterious presence, known only as Elyrias.

I had pointed out how the drama in this series is either ok or overblown. A particular scene in question in this episode, is Sion sudden loss of idealistic consciousness. Although the attempt to deliver a horrid scene of climbing a mountain of corpses, for which the city seem to take fancy of during the Holy Day. It doesn’t really put anything toward the action it had. This very action, had seem to put Sion on a semi apathetic state, letting violence trickle its way toward is moral consciousness.

The fallout of such, is shown on the elevator scene, where video games usually put their final boss. A climax toward Sion seeing Nezumi at Death’s door triggers the moral off switch doing what seems to be an out of character response to the trauma and horrid reality of what No.6 has; despite it reason poses no sense to us. The delivery was good, but too late as the establishment is never enough for a second to the last episode.

Overall. We get to see Safu, who seem to be under the influence of this intangible being. Question is now, if Eluriyas is a AI built on top of No.6 as it supreme being. Or it is merely an Elf god like all of the other people had presumed. We are one last episode away. What comes next, will never be enough to save this series from its inevitable mediocre conclusion.

Episode Rating: 3/5

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