Summer 2011

September 8, 2011

Kamisama Dolls 10: F*ked Up Characters

The sensei business was just the tip of the iceberg. 3 episode left (according to numerous sources), Kamisama Dolls still has an ace left to reveal to us. The new character seems to fit in with the story, given how mind fucked they are during their childhood times. What is worse, is that god they fight is living under the Hyuugas basement. Add to that, someone wants to eliminate the old aristocratic system in the village. Things just keep adding up, rather than starting to make way for its conclusion. Oh well.

This bitch who seems to remind me of Askua from Evangelion who is one nasty bitch. The series doesn’t really establish a tangible villain, but everything seems to point blames on the village to an over extent. That brown guy, Utao’s clone, and Kyouhei may not have the inkling to destroy the village as Aki and the political man wants. But what is common to them is that they all don’t want to have any part of what ever issues it has. They want to be left along, but seems their past is always a step ahead of them.

This also seems to establish the all the main character, involving the village are brain damage in some sort of way. A psychotic troll, socio path,  obsessive, and a PTSD. It does bring a chemistry to all of them, specially if one meets the other. Just look at all the carnage happening with at least Aki and Kyouhei in one room. Putting all of them is just a bomb waiting to explode.

Going back to that bitch At first she seems to be some obsessed love affair that Kyouhei dismiss. She’s one annoying bitch and I would love to spank her repeatedly – as a punishment. But that pass of unleashing the Kyuubei of the Kamisama world seems to dampen the personality toward something that is acceptable. Well, she is saved and the fault doesn’t really fall on to her. All of them are just a product of circumstances matching in complete alignment to each other. It means kids having a really, REALLY bad day.

Overall. If the 13 episode is to believed. That putting a cliffhanger at this stage would be a bad idea. Unless they are planning of getting the next sequel a season after this. Regardless, nothing major is going on. But the fanservice seems to take a back seat today, which made it far better than the last few ones.

Episode Rating: 4/5

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