Spring 2011

August 29, 2011

Sket Dance 13 – 14 : Tourney Finale and Popularity Treatment

It’s has been ages since I watch Sket dance. But here I am continuing my gruelling slow-paced blogging of such. I finally get to see the final match, which was a battle of wits and bluff. I don’t see much suspense in all, of the pent-up tension it presented. The President doesn’t have that evil aura to disband something out of sheer boredom. But we do see that show does keep in mind the things we are interested in, SKET-dan.

The tourney arc purpose was to bring an organized wacky in the series. Characters shows their personality, and skills responding in wrong situations.  It had the Gintama feel to it, but it doesn’t have the kick it has. Suspense of disbelief, as I would call something you expect and turns out to be completely opposite. The confession arc is a good example of such. With the rich girl having to pay her way to get love. With Otome having to work her way with a shoujo route.

On the battle of wits, with Bossun and the President. I do get the feeling that the president isn’t someone who is powerful for the sake of powerful. He does play the cool guy and reads the situation far better than anybody it seems. He did set up scenarios for tsubaki to realize the work ethics between SKET-dan and his uptight methods. He comes of a manipulative and can really get into a serious situation and comes out the victor. Despite Bossun’s concentration skills, it is too late for him to win things back. The president is too early for him. Good match, but I don’t see the weight of the president’s efforts.

The next episode is your one-shot case of the week formula, with a shy kid wanting to be popular for the sake of his mother. Classic case, somewhat like the first episode combine with the big guy and frail girl case, I think around 9 and 10. Not much to say, but it follows the drama formula to the tee. Nothing bad about it, and it certainly delivers, but it kind of reminded of him in one of the shota manga I’ve read. You know, shy type gets sexually pent by some assertive boy. Ahh, I’ll go there some other time.

Overall. Interesting conclusion, but it feels a bit stiff. Nice way of fleshing the characters, but it also shows how one-dimensional they are. They’re like tools that has a specific purpose. So far I’m okay with it.

Oh. I am a bit happy that the guy from episode one is still alive. Unlike the recurring ones, he’s one of the characters that goes more human than a walking stereotype.

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