Sket Dance 11 – 12: Tourney Arc

KA KA KA KA … You would think I stop blogging this series eh, think not! Finally, that damn fansub just released its version. I don’t get why this isn’t being done like the other series they are subbing; they’re still using the TV rip of the series, so I don’t see any reason for the delay. However, this arc is quite entertaining. It’s a nice gateway to flesh our 3 main characters, as well to provide further depth to the student council. So far, only Tsubaki has the lead on being someone who we know before.

It’s been a while since I see a tournament arc. You get to see them a lot in shounen shows during the day, but in this day and age it seems that it isn’t much any more – unless you like Hitman Reborn –

Looking at it, we get to flesh Himeko actually being a girl. I think that the judge in the cooking challenge has some meaning behind it. One of them looked like that cooking papa show (I only knew that by reading a shota doujin); I also think one of the kid there is from Mr.Ajiko, a predecessor of Azuma. The mentos guy and Tsubaki is an interesting one, it was nice to interject some self-discovery route in the fight. Overused, but it was done alright. The last one is also interesting, that it plays the stregth of Switch and the other student council. I was in an impression that the shooting match will be an anti-climax given the presentation of Switch’s shooting performance.

Sadly, it would had been nice if the fansub just release the complete arc. Now, I have to wait for the last one and it may take another month worth of waiting.

Overall. It was a good arc, the over-the-top comedy was overshadowed by the arc setting. Or we can say that, the arc compliments the characters persona. Regardless, I wish they could release the next episode.

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