August 2, 2011

Hunter X Hunter gets an Anime Remake

According to mantan website, the latest development on the upcoming Hunter X Hunter, is decided to take on retelling the old classic with Madhouse at the helm of its making. A new cast will take over the production, and the voice talents be re-done which will be announcing at a later date.

For the key production staff line-up:

Director: Kohjina Hiroshi
Series Composition: Maekawa Atsushi (“Prince of Tennis“, “Bakugan” series)
Character Design: Yoshimatsu Takahiro
Program Producer: Nakatani Toshio (“Death Note“, “Nana“, “Kaiji“)

With Madhouse finishing the last Marvel partnership masterpiece Blade, the once good anime production company that brought us Death Note, Summer Wars, Highschool of the Dead will get its potentially decent come back to fans.

Although, with the production company Madhouse. Questions of overblown melodrama acting (Madhouse-Marvel works), or the high chances of having fanservice (Highschool of the Dead) in the Anime may not bode to the purist of fans.

Sources: MAL

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