Deremoe Podcast

July 2, 2011

Roundtable Otakus Podcast EP17: Below Expectations

Not really much of a “Roundtable Discussion”. On this week’s podcast. Achiisan and I talked about the recently concluded Noitamina season. We were both disappointed in both’s Ano Hana and C; which has a very good direction and momentum up to last episode. I also did a review of Law of Ueki, which is an Anime you would like to watch if you don’t want to┬áthink too much; or having a Bishojou overload.

Download (90min)

The Intro for this song is Ma-ke-Se-te Tonight by Iroi Nomizu from Kore Wa Zombie desu Ka? and the Outro is Morning Arch by Marina Kawano from A Channel.

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