Summer 2011

July 23, 2011

No.6 3: Life and Death

The utopian-dystopia society of No.6, and let’s also include Fractale for the matter does reflect the part of religion in society, and how it is to believe on to something based on convincing front-facts. No.6 makes good use on quite a lot of its setting and it slowly uncovers the mystery, like a Marine unit sent to scout under the terrain swallowed with fog of war. The character interaction has its moments. Although, I’m quite perplexed as to Nezumi’s character in this episode. However, we are clear that he’s holding a dear mystery in understanding No.6 and how he stands to hate it. Sion however, despite how the police state threw him out, still sees it as his home and the people around it important.

Okay. Like 80% of this episode are all done in Nezumis bedroom. Or rather, his apartment of sort. We did get to know Nezumi more, and how he was such a bookworm in sense. This might have shape his perception growing on.  What intrigues me is why is he so concerned with Sion, despite that reason he gave. He just wanted be even to Sion, and by how he mentions forgetting your past is a bit contradicting, as pointed out by Sion. If he wanted to be even, he would had just ended where he pulled him out of the city, or when he prevented Sion to die in his mysterious illness. But yet, we can also say that Nezumi grew an attachment to Sion, perhaps he somewhat sees his old self in him. Which could relate to a reason as to why he hated the city so much. I’m thinking it’s something parents related. Or something to do with N0.6 founding. I’m thinking on the former, based on the conversation with regards to the city’s founding.

The BL scenes are ramping up it. It’s subtle but it there to be seen if you have that perspective. After that intense bed scene, with a bit of nudity in between. Fans of such will are delighted to at least been given some fanservice. Just look at that submissive Sion on the pic. Ha!

Overall. I’m satisfied with what happened. I’m in the fence if the pacing is done right. Although the events did serve purpose on painting the setting. I have a feeling that it would had done more given the time. The characters are quite interesting, Nezumi and Sion give a contrasting perception on the utopian-dystopia society. And their bed scene, mmm.

Episode Rating: 5/5

  • tomphile

    I wouldn’t be so quick to jump to the BL conclusion, but you know…it’s boound to go there some die, right?

    Anyways, Shion and Nezumi will reach a middleground sooner or later that’ll be the median between their two thoughts on No. 6.

    • Mr.A

      I do hope that it is conveyed properly, since time isn’t an advantage to this one. Although I’m not hating the BL thing. I personally rather want it to be prevalent to breath a fresh air, or have a different take on the matter unlike most of the same ilk.

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