July 2, 2011

Hidan no Aria Second season Appears Slim

The author of the Hidan No Aria novel, Akamatsu Chugaku has recently posted his concern, of the finding that the DVD/Blu-ray sale of the recent Spring Anime, Hidan No Aria has not yet reached a possible – Note: Poor sales – to warrant for another season.

Meanwhile the director of Denpa Ona to Sheishun Otoko is nearing its target for another second season.

Source: MAL

  • raf

    man cant wait for the second season…..hurry up plz

  • Galacticichi

    Just caught up to the part of the novel where this picture is taken….. :)

    • Mr.A

      Was the novel better than the series? We dropped it half-way in the anime.

      • adtcruz

        Whoa, you don’t believe me that the light novel is absolutely 10000% better than the anime? (>_<)

        • Mr.A

          I haven’t read it, so I can’t really say it on my opinion. If you like it, then ok ;)

      • adtcruz

        And of course, the anime has a lot a hate-able stuff there =3=

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