Sket Dance 10: You Mustn't Watch

I’m still keeping Sket Dance, I just got fed up with Horrible sub and their stupid mistakes. It’s no joke DL episode on a 1Mbps line. I would be glad if they can just release a patch and get over it, but no, they instead release another video to download. Argh. I’m going for a quality sub, even if it takes me longer to watch. At least it keeps me from watching old anime until the summer impression is up.

Overall. I like the Kimi ni Todoke parody. Pretty much the episode is your typical high school mystery, and the show stick to its formula. Basically, I don’t have anything to say about this episode. Nothing changes in the formula. I have more things to whine about horrible subs than the episode itself. I hope something interesting happen on the next episode.

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